ABRACADABRA (A Broadband/Resonant Approach to Cosmic Axion Detection with an Amplifying B-field Ring Apparatus) is a new search for axion dark matter.  If they exist, axions modify Maxwell's equations, and ABRACADABRA (or ABRA for short) exploits this by using a toroidal magnet to source an effective electric current.  This effective current then induces an oscillating magnetic flux through the center of the toroid, which is detected and amplified with a pickup loop and SQUID magnetometer.  The current generation, ABRACADABRA-10cm, is located at MIT.

First results were presented at MIT on October 30, 2018, see Jon Ouellet's slides or read the paper arXiv:1810.12257.


ABRACADABRA-10cm first installation with the shielded magnet hanging from the bottom of the dilution refrigerator


ABRACADABRA-10cm magnet sections during winding


ABRACADABRA sensitivity